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The Lead Like A Feminist podcast soundtrack

We're delighted that the incredible Rwandan singer, Sherry Uwase, has kindly allowed us to her track "Be The Change" from her new "Queendom" album as the Lead Like A Feminist soundtrack.

You can listen to the track and the full album here.

The song is about a brilliant young girl from an economically challenged background. In Sherry's own words, "Her family didn’t have much and the girl kept on dreaming for the sake of all of them. The girl’s dream became a reality when she got an opportunity to study abroad and she never forgot where she came from and indeed used her opportunities and networks built to change the lives of her family and community."

Click below to learn more about Sherry, her music and the meaning behind the songs on the Queendom album.

More About Sherry Uwase
Download • 1.72MB


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